Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ojai Womens Club show moved to Jan.

The Ceremony/Knife Fight show on the 21st (this Saturday) has been moved to Saturday January 9th, 2010.

One more band TBA. Ceremony dropped.

Knife Fight
Rotting Out
The Fucking Wrath
Fell to Low
+ 1 more TBA

Ojai Women's Club
411 E. Ojai Ave
Ojai, CA

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shows & other news.

18 days til...

In Control was one of California's finest. 10 years ago they released their demo and played their first show. In honor of this anniversary In Control is playing one more time, and we are releasing their long out of print demo and first 7" together on one LP. This release is strictly limited to 500, and once it's gone it's gone forever, so order fast. There will be two colors so if you order 2 you will get both while they last. 100 - clear 400 - black. Look for preorders to ship in a few weeks.

Joey, 6131 Records.

Fred Hammer will be selling a few of these badass Agression shirts at the IN CONTROL show. I know I'm buying one.

Ojai Womens Club this weekend!? Whaattt?? Knife Fight is back?! Duuude! COME OUT!

The opening band Fell To Low (ex members of Ojai's RAD) is pretty awesome.

Minus' first show EVER. Band is HARD.

I was goofing around the Nardcore website, checking out the bands and I came across some really fucking cool ones I've never heard, and that lead me to other fucking cool ones that I've never heard:

El Mariachi (ex members of Heavy Artillery) -

Alexithymia -

And to my surprise they're playing a show together with Port Hueneme's Ahh Da Beeyas in Ventura.

Another band I came across was Stab Your Back from Lompoc. Band sounds really cool and is playing with Stop Breathing Dec. 19th @ Alberto's Pizza in Lompoc.

Stand Your Ground - S/T 7" 1998

1. For The Last Time
2. Times Have Changed
3. Throw Away
4. Break Through/Bound By Honor
5. We Can't Forget


This long out of print 7" is awesome. Stand Your Ground was a traditional hardcore band from Oxnard, CA. Consisting of members who later formed bands such as: In Control, Carry On, Retaliate, Terror, Internal Affairs, Snake Eyes, Nails, Blacklisted, Piece By Piece, Machines and many others. Zack Nelson sang for this band as show below (with hair I might add) but Aaron Belchere fronts this band on this record.

Here it goes...

I first just want to say Fred Hammer is the fucking shit, and i thank him for taking that picture of the young Todd Jones wearing the Oxnard Hardcore Pride shirt, headlining this blog.

Here are some pictures that Fred took of Ill Repute/Stop Breathing (ex Missing 23rd) on Nov. 14th 2009 at Rock City in Camarillo, CA. I'll add that they're out of order and I am missing a picture of Jon 23rd singing because it didn't save correctly. Sorry!

Stop Breathing has already scored their own column in the Ventura County Reporter.

Sounding the 805
New all-star band forms, plus punk rock in Camarillo

By Chris Mastrovito 11/12/2009

Members from the once ubiquitous but now disbanded The Missing 23rd , The Return and Glass & Ashes have spawned Stop Breathing!, a spanking new project that will play its debut show at Rock City Studios in Camarillo this Friday, Nov. 13, along with Ventura punkers Wages of Fear, L.A.’s the Inoculators and Oxnard hardcore forefathers Ill Repute.

Stop Breathing! is fronted by John Crerar, the current drummer for local thrash band The F-ing Wrath. Crerar, who has not flexed his vocal chords this seriously since The Missing 23rd broke up in 2004, screams an earful, only now he does it with a band that is less old-school skate-thrash and no-nonsense, unrelenting heavy hardcore.

Justin Dempsey, veteran drummer for the widely popular trio The Return (which drew a sizable following for the better part of a decade in Ventura County and far beyond before going on indefinite hiatus in 2007) tries his hand at hardcore punk, a far cry from the slower-tempo, reggae- and ska-influenced grooves of his last project. However, Dempsey, who gives drum lessons at Rock City and played Keith Moon in its production of Tommy, seems to have no problem adjusting. Other limbs on this Frankenstein’s monster are former Glass & Ashes members bassist Mike Carter, currently of the Florida punk band The Young Livers, and lead guitarist Jesse Jenny as well as guitarist King Ben, who drums for the Oxnard rockabilly band Deadbeat Sinners.

While the web of musical affiliations can be complex, the bottom line is simple: any fan of punk and hardcore living in proximity to Ventura County should be required to attend this show. Rock City, like many all-ages venues, historically does not tolerate the kind of “dancing” that punk shows inspire, but a recent lift on the dancing ban is sure to be an incentive for those inclined toward moving in circles. If you are younger than 21, this is a rare opportunity to see Ill Repute play an all-ages show, let alone one in Camarillo. If you are older than 21, Take Five Cocktails is right next door to quench your thirst.

Also this Friday, at Outlaws Bar & Grill in Camarillo (literally right across the street from Rock City, with free admission, as always) will be The Generator, perhaps Ventura County’s loudest rock band. In an intimate setting like Outlaws, be warned that these dudes pack serious wattage, so leave your inside voices at home. They will open for punk legends Fearat the Brixton in Redondo Beach on Dec. 18, and, according to guitarist Joe Valdivieso, they will be giving out free tickets to that show at Outlaws.

Ojai invaded Nicholby’s in Ventura last weekend with performances by Char-Man, Home Now (formerly Hindu Kush) and Kyle Hunt and the King Gypsy. Home Now, along with its name change, brings a different energy to its sound. The band’s newest track, “Walls,” carries with it an urgency that features a driving, electro-pop beat and a jazzy rhythm guitar riff that boosts the group into contemporary and perhaps more accessible territory. Musically, this song recalls the most haunting tracks on Radiohead’s 2007 In Rainbows. The new sound seems to reflect the band’s desire to find common ground with audiences, a new direction made manifest by a name it hopes everyone can relate to. “Walls” is the only track currently streaming on the band’s MySpace site, and will be the first track on the next record, due to be completed in the coming weeks.

Fatalist, one of Ventura’s most widely buzzed-about deathmetal bands, will come out with its debut full-length, The Depths of Inhumanity, on Ibex Moon Records on Nov. 23. The album has already gained favorable reviews on several European metal sites as well as a 7 out of 10 by a reviewer at Decibel Magazine, easily the largest American heavy metal magazine in print.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the release of the anticipated debut album by Camarillo’s The Grandmas, the third-place winner of Rock City Studio’s 2009 Battle of the Bands. The band just recorded and mixed five new tracks with producer John Debaun (Franklin for Short; I Was a Lover, Delorean Was a Dealer; the Mars Volta). These and previous demo recordings are all streaming on MySpace and, pending a cover art decision, should drop in early December.

Sounding the 805 is Ventura County’s only biweekly local music column. If you have a tip, a suggestion, a complaint, some dish or just a kind word, shoot Chris Mastrovito an e-mail.